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Custom Conference Tables

Enhance your workspace, improve employee productivity and collaboration with a unique, one of a kind, custom conference table made to your specifications.

A custom conference table can help enhance the professionalism of a workspace and give your employees a sense of comfort while they work and collaborate. To match the individuality that makes your company unique, we can build your table out of the wood of your choice and stain it any color that you'd like. To show off even more of your style and uniqueness, your table legs are also 100% customizable.

Slab with metal beam

Integrating technology into your custom conference table with power ports, especially pop up ports that can be hidden when not needed is a convenient way to enhance and elevate your teams efficiency, comfort and productivity.

A custom conference table doesn't need to be fancy to be effective. It can be made from a simple, easily stainable, rustic and less expensive wood like knotty alder. With it's clean lines, rustic appeal and knots and cracks that can be filled with epoxy, knotty alder is a wood that fits the Colorado vibe!

Your custom conference table can be made with legs that raise it to more of a counter height which is 36" or pub height which is around 42". Since everything that we do is custom, if you want your table to be 33 1/8" tall, we can do that too! Counter height is great for employees that like to stand up while working. Pub height is great if you want more of a non conventional look and want to use stools or pub height chairs instead of traditional work chairs.

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